How to use this course and how is it different from all the other crap?

Jacob Finch
✍️ September 5, 2019
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You can probably already tell, this isn’t your typical marketing course. For one, it doesn’t cost you any money.

This is Unhype, where I cut the bullshit.

I’m going to tell you something you definitely already know, deep down.
Information about digital marketing that is available online today is pure garbage and is usually a borderline scam.
You know I’m not making this stuff up, because you see it everywhere.
Heard of “growth hacking”? Nope. Not even once.
Email “outreach” for backlinks? Let’s face it, this is glorified spam and it sucks.
Ever heard that you have to write 5000+ word articles to rank well in Google?
You don’t need me to tell you that this stuff is made up.
And the worst part is that it works for them. Media companies and affiliates play into this nonsense and deliver insane amounts of traffic.
It is sad.

I do things differently here.

Things that you won’t find on this website

  • No $499 courses.
  • No $149 e-books.
  • No premium community access.
  • No pushing of expensive premium themes, plugins and web tools down your throat. I only recommend the things that I actually use and make it a priority to show how you can do stuff without spending any money.
  • No crappy methods I’m not really using.
  • No recommendations for garbage products like Bluehost, GoDaddy or WPBakery.
  • No lies.

I started this site to give you an alternative

Unhype is a place for digital marketers sick of shady marketing schemes and gurus.

100% of the content is free, and always will be. There will be no bullshit here.

What you see is what you get.

How is this all possible? How are you making money?

I’m not gonna lie to you. I’ve got deals with companies like SEMrush, ConvertKit, and SiteGround and they are paying me A LOT of money to promote them. I love them and I’m using their services on a daily basis. It doesn’t cost you anything to use my links. You actually get additional exclusive discounts by following the roadmap on Unhype. But also, I’m totally not desperate about making hundreds of dollars out of every visitor. I’m doing just fine, thank you. The way I designed this course is, you will only be paying for expensive services like SEMrush or ConvertKit once you’re actually making money. Essentially I will be only making solid money if you’re making money. It’s a big incentive for me to teach you well.

I started this site to promote my upcoming book too.

I’m probably pissing away hundreds of thousands of dollars by not making this a premium course. I’ve got a lot of reasons why I want to keep everything free here:

  • I don’t want to prey on people who are poor and will waste their last $500 on buying my course. 90% of them won’t make any money anyway. Let’s be real here, most of us ain’t got what it takes to succeed in digital marketing. Most people lack focus or lose motivation quickly.
  • I feel most accomplished when I help others grow and become successful. It just doesn’t feel as good when you’re charging them for it.
  • I’m really tired of explaining marketing things to my friends and colleagues because there is no proper answer available online.
  • I want to disrupt the market and expose the many lies that are accepted as status quo. I hate gurus with a passion.

About this course

This course is divided into two main parts. You can find them both in the sidebar on the right if you’re on desktop and below the article on the bottom of the page if you’re on mobile.

1. The Roadmap

The roadmap is a step-by-step guide that will guide you through the process of building a successful website.

If you don’t own a profitable website, I recommend that you follow and read through the road map from start to end. Pay attention to the ideas, the methods, and the case studies, but don’t worry too much about remembering it all. Come back again later to revisit the methods that are relevant to you. Readers who are new to making websites will quickly catch on to the basics—each section is well-organized, guiding you through both the whys and the hows of proper digital marketing. Experienced users will find valuable secrets buried throughout and even see some tricks they already know with a fresh mind.

Throughout each section, I’ve selected a handful of methods that will illustrate some of the major concepts and give you a chance to put theory into practice. Over time, you’ll grow comfortable enough to invent your own marketing methods on a daily basis. But when learning to grow intuitively, guides can be necessary and comforting, like training wheels.

2. The Methods

The method section is a series of digital marketing guides which include all the perks of how to execute the tasks and improve processes that actually help you build a website and grow your business.

If you are an experienced marketer and own a profitable website, you can go straight to exploring the methods. They contain extremely detailed instructions that you can use to grow any website. They will allow you to scale your operation and optimize your systems to achieve more success with your digital marketing. They will reduce your number of mistakes and increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

To showcase the fundamentals that guide all good marketing, I’ve tried to apply every method that I’m describing to this website so that you can see how it actually works. I hope it will help you to understand these methods better.

I’m really glad you’re starting this journey with me. First and foremost, remember to always have fun!

If you’re wondering what to do next, I suggest you just follow the roadmap. There will always be a “next chapter” link at the bottom of every article and this way you will see everything this website has to offer.

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