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Hi! I’m Jacob Finch.

In the past, I managed marketing at Uber. I used to write for Forbes too. Currently, I supervise 14 websites, including 5 large content sites. I helped generate over $150 million in revenue online since 2008. In 2011 I was lucky enough to buy a number of Bitcoin while doing a scientific paper on cryptocurrencies. I sold in 2017 to make a 7-figure exit. I was also an early investor in Airbnb and several other startups including a successful Eastern-European cryptocurrency exchange.

I have severe cases of dyslexia and IBS. Luckily, I managed to mostly get over both of these things after years of experimentation.

My story

Born to unexpecting parents. The nurses quickly realized that I am a little different than the other kids. Apparently, one of them made a remark that I looked like I came out of my mother with a plan. Still trying to figure out what it means.

I am a husband, a homebody, an eccentric friend, a marketer, a guitar player, and a dancer. I also like to do some woodworking in my free time.

I spent my entire life selling stuff to people.

I think I was born to make up things that haven’t been created yet. That characteristic didn’t always work well for me. I remember in high school feeling anxious, like a misfit. It seemed everyone else knew exactly the path they would pursue in life, and I had no clue. So I went to college and began a life of experimenting. I went down one career path only to discover I lost energy around it. I’d go down another and find out that I didn’t have the right degree or pedigree. One day when I was pissing and moaning about feeling unsettled, a sage friend said I had the heart of an entrepreneur. I recognized that she had given me a license to come up with wild ideas, try them, and put them out in the world to see the response. If it were negative, I’d move on to the next thing that captured my passion. All that experimenting paid off: At 30, I was a successful entrepreneur and writer. I would say that the defining moment in my life—and the most significant uptick in my income—was when I went from pursuing money to pursuing meaning, following my passion.

The early years

I come from a very hard-working family of simple people. We were not rich, but we weren’t poor either. As a child, I usually found myself sitting next to my grandma at the farmer’s market, where she was running her little business. I quickly understood that she’s taking me there not only to show me the ropes but also because having a little kid by her side boosted sales like crazy. Nana would let me keep the pennies, and I saved them for years. Those were the times.

Although I certainly knew I had a talent for working with people, I never imagined I’d become make it a career. I spent my adolescence fascinated by computers. I graduated from high school with honors and moved to the city to study computer science. Most of the kids in my class were made of money, which was a new thing for me. I tried to fit in, and it wasn’t that hard cause I was always good at reading people.

The school was easy for me. I was good at maths and programming and had a life-long interest in these subjects. Meanwhile, all my buddies were creating startups left and right, and I joined one of them as a developer. If I remember correctly, we were trying to reinvent Facebook. To an uneducated eye, this was a great idea! Turned out to be a massive waste of time. I also helped out at a few other companies with both development and marketing.

My money situation wasn’t great back then, so I got a remote, part-time job as a Ruby on Rails developer to make ends meet. It was a small company based out of Boston with a great boss that would eventually chat with me almost every night. With Jason, we became friends, and we’d mostly talk about politics and the meaning of life. He was a Harvard graduate, and his family ran a big trust fund, so I learned a lot about the mindset of people who have money. I stayed there for two and a half years. During that time improved my skills in Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and Linux server administration, but I always worked closely with the marketing team. I used to automate a lot of their tasks and became fascinated with selling stuff again.

How I got the job at Uber

I will tell you this story very, very soon 🙂

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