If you take 5 minutes out of your time today to read this page, I guarantee the way you look at digital marketing will change.

Hi, I’m Jacob Finch and this is Unhype.

I want to emphasize that not a single thing on this website is for sale. Everything is free of charge here. I’m making money selling my services and doing SEO, not selling courses to newbs.

When it comes to digital marketing… right now, anyone can create a website and make it profitable. I’m here to show you how.

My tools are simple—blogging, videos, podcasting, SEO, social media, content marketing, and email marketing. What makes my methods different is the approach.

What’s taught in this entirely free training are the widely time-tested and universally-accessible strategies to thrive in the digital marketing world without a huge budget.

Forget about quick results. Focus on the big picture.

Whether you’ve never really blogged in your life or you’re a seasoned digital marketer, you want to pay attention now.

Let’s say your website is making a $100 every month. Anyone can create a website that makes a $100. If you could build a system that makes your site 1% more efficient every day over the next 365 days, you’ll be making $3800 every month after a year. It’s infinitely easier to make 1% improvements every day than suddenly make a 100% leap forward in one day. How do I achieve these improvements?

Every time I write a blog post, every hour I spend on obtaining backlinks, every day I share a new social media image, I focus on analyzing these five fundamental factors:

  • Value. Does it benefit my users?
  • Efficiency. Is it time/cost-effective?
  • Synergy. Does it work well with other tactics that I use?
  • Scalability. Does it scale? Can it be automated or outsourced?
  • Permanence. Is this action going to benefit my project in the long-term? Will it keep on giving?

These are the five fundamental factors of my strategy. None is more important than the other. Only through a deep understanding of these, you can become efficient at growing your audience.

Don’t worry if you’re confused. All of this will be explained in detail further down the road.

Have you ever felt envious that some blog owners can pull off an article that is getting hundreds of thousands of visitors seemingly out of thin air? I will guide you as you manage and balance the five elements. And most importantly, I will show you all the little tricks that I’ve been using for the last decade to create sites that feel just right and bring in serious money.

I see a lot of people who are running blogs and are super motivated to write, but they’re not really making much. The reason is simple. They are trying to run before they walk.

Their sites aren’t getting significant traffic, and the keywords they are targeting are super tricky to rank, so they’re stuck, and they’re not growing. Remember when you tried to rank for “best gaming keyboard”? It’s not gonna happen. You are doing the wrong things because you don’t know how to decide what to execute.

If you want to blog, cool, go right ahead, but if you’re going to make money off your site, you need to do a bit more. I’m not going to tell nobody to stop doing something they like, but please be realistic about your results. You’re not going to make any money just by writing random blog posts about your cats.

If your site is not getting a ton of traffic, and on top of that, good quality, buyer-intent traffic, it’s not going to convert well.

You need to rethink what you are doing.

Trust me, I’ve made these mistakes for years, I kept thinking, if I just keep on writing enough articles and just keep grinding, I can eventually make enough money from my sites. But it didn’t work for me.

So, I decided to take a long break from doing digital marketing on my own. I started job hunting again. I got hired by Uber. I was working in marketing again. I had a great mentor there. I listened, I worked my ass off, I learned, and I changed everything about my approach to growth.

The lessons that I’ve learned are what allows all great marketers—whether it’s Seth Godin or a single-mum blogger that’s pulling in a cool monthly 5k on the side—to consistently create excellent websites. Commit to mastering them, and you will do it too.

I started Unhype to put all these lessons into writing. As you understand my strategies, you will find yourself improvising more and more with your marketing. Liberated from cheap tricks and methods found on black hat forums, you’ll feel comfortable with implementing original ideas and turning them into money-making recipes. You’ll be better equipped to trust your skills and make informed decisions to work with what you got.

This website will change the way you think about digital marketing. You’ll start using online guides, including the ones on this site, as professionals do—for the inspiration, context and general guidance they offer—rather than by following them step by step.

I promise you this will happen. You will not only become a good marketer but a great one. And I would know because it happened to me.

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