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Why I never use GoDaddy to buy domain names

Personally, I’ve had 2 bad experiences with GoDaddy couple of years ago:

  1. GoDaddy leaked my personal info. I used their escrow service to sell a valuable domain name to another individual. I was promised full anonymity. Somehow, after the sale was done, GoDaddy sent my entire protected WHOIS information to the buyer, revealing my full name, phone number, and physical address.
  2. GoDaddy possibly snooped a domain name typed in their search bar. I was looking up domain names for a startup I was consulting for. A pretty unusual 2 word .com. I checked the name on the GoDaddy website but didn’t buy it. The next day my domain of choice was registered my domain name suddenly registered at GoDaddy. Sure, might’ve been a coincidence, but my gut tells me it wasn’t. It was a pretty unusual domain name and nothing like that happened during the multitude of times I registered domains with other registrars.

I also had multiple unsatisfactory experiences using their products, customer service, and their UI in particular while consulting for several clients over the years.

Sure, these are anecdotal, n equals 1, and all that, but let’s look at the history and at what the people are saying about the company around the world:

🏆 GoDaddy’s history

Oh, btw, they are not only incompetent slash potentially malicious. GoDaddy is one of the most unethical companies I’ve ever witnessed.

And they are still, by far, the largest domain name registrar on the planet:

Source: Domain Name Stat

So here’s a bit about the company. Took me about 30 minutes of googling to find these:

Let me clarify the last one. Their Vice President was manipulating their customer’s auctions.

Come on, guys.

Every year I think that maybe finally people realized how crappy of a registrar GoDaddy is, then I look at the domain stats, or I see another case of stuff like above on Hacker News. It’s sad.

That said:

🎯 Which registrars I use

As you might know, I don’t do affiliate links and I’m not, in any way, compensated by these companies.

I’ve traded thousands of domains in my career as a domainer and I can wholeheartedly recommend these registrars:

  • Namecheap — my main registrar of choice. Cheap, professional, great support. Never had a single problem with them.
  • Gandi — an amazing choice of extensions. They seem to be extra serious about ethics and privacy.
  • NameSilo — an up-and-coming registrar. Fantastic prices and UI.