My bucket list

Welcome to my bucket list. This is an ongoing project. Feel free to borrow ideas and comment.
January 20, 2020

Table of Contents


☑️ Hitchhike

☑️ Walk Camino de Santiago

In 2009 I walked the French Way, also known as, Camino Francés. Started in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.

☑️ Visit all the Balkan countries

☑️ Visit Chernobyl

☑️ Travel to the Sahara

☑️ Try sandsurfing

☑️ See mount Fuji

☑️ Attend a geisha party in Japan

☑️ Experience an earthquake

☑️ Drive a motorcycle thorugh Vietnam

☑️ Find a paradise beach with no tourists

☑️ Travel the world for $500/month

☑️ Smoke weed while riding a camel

☑️ Visit 50 countries

☑️ Go whitewater rafting

☑️ Jump off a cliff

☑️ Stand on the top of a mountain

☑️ Visit Auschwitz

☑️ Host and surf using Couchsurfing

🔲 Party at a real hippie community

🔲 See the Northern Lights

🔲 Visit every continent

In progress. Much harder than it sounds.

🔲 Travel to Greenland

🔲 Go on a classic road trip

Planning to do a road trip in the States soonish.


☑️ Winter-camp in the mountains

☑️ Learn to play an instrument

☑️ Play an instrument on stage

☑️ Have my own photography exhibition

☑️ Go on a meditation retreat

☑️ Learn to swim

☑️ Star in a film

☑️ Learn butoh

☑️ Perform butoh on stage

☑️ Learn dumpster-diving

☑️ Read 50 books in a year

☑️ Learn to solve a Rubik's Cube

☑️ Learn to bake bread

☑️ Learn to lockpick

☑️ Learn to juggle

☑️ See my favorite band live

Finally seen Built to Spill live in 2019 in Dresden. Had a chance to meet Doug Martsch before the concert and take a picture with him.

🔲 Learn video production and start Youtubing

🔲 Record an electronic album

🔲 Make a documentary

🔲 Learn woodworking

🔲 Learn Spanish

This will be my third language. Still working on it. Speak a bit but can't say I'm fluent yet.

🔲 Start a garden

🔲 Learn to play another instrument

I started playing the piano recently, but still not sure if this will be my next instrument.

🔲 Write a fiction book

🔲 Write a non-fiction book

🔲 Write a book fo poetry


☑️ Stay awake for 24 hours

☑️ Be a best man at a wedding

☑️ Volunteer

☑️ Settle down

☑️ Get married

☑️ Grow a mustache

🔲 Befriend a homeless person

🔲 Build a small house with my own hands

🔲 Buy my dream house

🔲 Adopt a dog

🔲 Raise chicken

🔲 Give a speech

🔲 Buy a sailboat

🔲 Plant a tree

🔲 Adopt a child

🔲 Get a citizenship of another country


☑️ Run a marathon

I finished a half-marathon in 2014, and I'm not planning to run a full-marathon, due to problems with my joints.

☑️ Do 10 pullups

🔲 Do 50 perfect pushups

🔲 Do a handstand


☑️ Get a remote job

☑️ Start and sell a company

☑️ Learn how to invest money

☑️ Have enough money to retire

🔲 Live for a month without money


☑️ Read for at least 30 minutes every day

☑️ Workout everyday in the morning

☑️ Floss at least once a day

☑️ Meditate every day

☑️ Sleep at least 8 hours every night

☑️ Quit social media

☑️ Quit added sugar

☑️ Quit caffeine

☑️ Quit smoking

☑️ Stop treating social gatherings as an excuse to get drunk

🔲 Intermittent fasting

🔲 Stop eating processed food

🔲 Stop watching so much Youtube

I follow a lot of industry channels. My idea is to dedicate a day every three months to just watch their most popular videos to keep up to date on everything.

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