Personal Development
Less is more. Pick just 2 or 3 things to make progress in.

If you're working towards things you really want, change happens organically. The more you're mindful, the more you will feel lighter and free from your preoccupations.

Looking at the sky, breathing fresh air during fall, reading, meditating, and smiling a lot all bring you back to a state where you feel like a child again. And your mind will thank you for it.
Sports & Games
To me exercise and games are a source of pleasure. Improving the state of your body will almost always get your mind in sync too. Working out has definitely helped my physical and mental wellbeing in the long run.

The best advice I can give if you got any problems is stay consistent because having a set routine down is a great way to help you figure things out. Try out new hobbies, pick up new skills, and trust me mate, everything will eventually get better.
Creativity is definitely a developed skill. Sure some people might have genetics that are more predisposed to be better at certain creative outlets but without a lot of practice they won't be brilliant.

Creative environments spark creative people.
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