Hobbies that won't hurt your wallet

April 21, 2020

I wanted to make an article about hobbies that are cheap or free for a long time. Most of these require little to no money. I admit, some of them cost a few hundred dollars, like starting a home gym which saves you money on gym memberships in the long run.

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Baking bread

I love bread baking. I often let my friends have some, and they all love it. I enjoy trying out different recipes and adding random stuff to see how it turns out.

It is very fun and if you have a kitchen already with an oven then every bread costs only like $1 and will be better than anything you can ever buy. Once you try your own, fresh bread, you will never go back.

If you want to make some basic sourdough it’s pretty much just flour, water, and salt.

Then once you have your starter you can mix the other stuff, let it chill in the fridge and bake it. Plus it’s kinda fun setting your oven as high as it will go and hoping it doesn’t explode.

Or you can cheat and use commercial yeast to make regular bread today.

Learn bread baking

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