Expired domains playbook

November 25, 2020

If you ever tried to register a brand new dot com for your brand, you know how difficult it is to find a domain name that isn't already taken.

The market is insanely saturated.

Over 100,000 .com domains are registered every day. [1]https://domainnamestat.com/statistics/tld/com-TLD_ID-220

Between domain squatters, and traders, finding a decent dot com domain name seems almost impossible.

Premium dot coms are being sold for anywhere from $5k to $50k and even more.Β [2]https://namecorp.com/25000-for-a-domain-name-is-not-crazy/ [3]https://www.businessinsider.com/why-10000-for-a-domain-name-is-still-cheap-2011-4Β [4]https://gaps.com/content-maker-marketplace/Β [5]https://buffer.com/resources/acquired-buffer-com/Β [6]https://domaininvesting.com/sold-for-50k-in-2014-ingles-com-re-sold-for-400000/

But there is a gap in the market.

Over 70,000 .com domains expire on an average day. [7]https://member.expireddomains.net/domains/expiredcom/#listing

πŸ’‘ Opportunities

  • Finding a brandable name for your startup or side project, while only paying the registration fee or a low, 3-digit auction fee.
  • Expired domains often come with a strong portfolio of backlinks and SEO authority.
  • There is a significant opportunity for flipping expired domains, especially to people looking for dot coms for their startups.

Now, let's get personal:

πŸ•΅ My experiences

  • What kind of domain names I buy and how I evaluate them
  • Using expired domains to boost the SEO value of new projects β€” which, in my experience, radically shortens the time required to achieve top rankings with Google.
  • Find out how my expired domains business brings over 140k annual revenue. "One man's trash is another man's treasure"
  • Researching expired domain names can be very inspirational. It often lead me to come up with new business ideas.Β The onion method.
  • Why you probably should never, ever use GoDaddy for anything

That said:

βš™οΈ Solutions

πŸ’‘ Ideas

  • Start a niche version of BrandBucket.com - just like I did with StarterStacks.com
  • Offer a consulting service for startups that researches and finds the perfect domain name
  • Find an expired domain with a strong backlink portfolio for your own startup or side business

πŸ“š Further reading

  • Links to related playbooks

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