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You’ve reached the guest blogging page. We’re here to help you reach out to a new audience, share your knowledge, and gain some exposure. The standards for guest posting on Unhype are very high. We’re interested only in the best articles from talented writers. Please make sure you read this whole page including the requirements, do’s and don’ts and frequently asked questions. It’s all covered!


  • Unhype is a site which has been consistently featured in top online publications. Your guest post will be published on a blog that is read by multiple influential folks. We’re looking for amazing content from inspiring authors and you’re getting the exposure. It’s a win-win situation.
  • We promote guest articles as if they were posts we wrote ourselves. As soon as the piece is published we will: email it to our subscribers, share it on various social media channels, share it through our groups and communities. Unhype has access to over a million subscribers on various mediums, which include Pinterest, Instagram, RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • We’re running a strict no-bullshit ship here. Articles on Unhype have no intrusive opt-in forms or bugging ads. We know what it takes to create quality content. Readers will go from the first sentence through the last to your bio without any distractions.
  • We want people to know that YOU wrote the article, not US. We want them to be able to easily find the link to your website and social media profiles. Your profile picture will be clearly visible in the article header.
  • Unhype has multiple influential readers. If you write a really good article, there is a high chance someone will notice you. Remember you can and should link out to bigger sites in your content. We also have a very active comment section.
  • The posts and bios include dofollow backlinks. Any reasonable number of links to your websites and social media accounts. Feel free to include your links wherever you like to reap the SEO benefits of guest posting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting guest posts right now?

Yup! If you want to write for Unhype read through this page. We can guarantee you that if anything changes, this section will be updated.

Can I contact you before submitting the pitch?

Sure thing! Check out the contact page for more info.

Do I retain the copyright of what I write?

You and only you will always be the author of what you wrote, but once the post has been published on Unhype it becomes the property of Unhype. In short: You’re the author, but you’re giving over ownership to it. We won’t and can’t, by copyright law, claim that we’ve written the article. This means you shouldn’t publish it on another site. It also means you shouldn’t change the title, rehash the content a bit, and guest post it somewhere else.

Can I get paid? Do I need to pay?

Guest blogging for Unhype isn’t and will never be a monetary exchange. What you get is the opportunity to write for a successful blog, expose your work to a valuable audience, and enrich your writing portfolio.

Can I be a regular contributing writer?

If your guest post manages to be successful, we don’t see a reason why you couldn’t write on a recurring basis. You may even get your own guest column if things go right.

Are you looking for interns?

Head to the internships section.

Are you hiring?

Head to the jobs section.

What happens after I submit my rough draft?

After you submit your pitch through the form on this page, we will review it. It usually takes up to a week. If it’s accepted we will send you a template that will make it easier for you to complete the final draft.

After you send in the final draft, we will begin the editing process, usually using Google Docs. We will work on it together, exchanging comments, until we’re both satisfied with it. We will never publish subpar work.

Guest posting guidelines

How does it work?

The process for submitting a guest post is pretty straightforward:

  • Read through ALL the information available on this page.
  • Fill out the form below.
  • We will follow up through email if your pitch is something we’re interested in. We will reply to every single pitch!
  • After the follow-up, we will set you up with our final draft template where you can finish writing the post.


To write for Unhype every article must meet these minimum requirements:

  • The article must be at least 1000 words long.
  • Your guest post has to be super informative and provide value to the reader. No fluff, lazy writing or articles from content mills, please.
  • Articles must be written in native English with solid grammar and style. We prefer American English, but other dialects are fine too.
  • The article must be your original work and can’t be published elsewhere.
  • We will probably edit your post to match our in-house style but we won’t change the idea or the meaning of your article.
  • Only Creative Commons or Public Domain images should be included.

Accepted guest post topics

Articles on Unhype focus on improving different areas of life. We’re very flexible when it comes to the subject. Please remember to do a search on our site to avoid submitting already published ideas. Here are a few of the niches that I’m always interested in:

  • Entrepreneurship, marketing, branding
  • Personal finance, financial independence, investments
  • SEO, WordPress, blogging
  • Affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, digital nomading
  • Productivity tips, building habits, getting motivated

The do’s

You should have an understanding of what I’m writing about, in general.

  • Write 1000 words or more. We don’t usually do short posts here. We don’t think they’re sufficient to cover the depth of information that my readers are looking for when they come to Unhype. Quality of writing and information is the biggest factor we take into consideration when deciding about the pitch and the final draft. For the article to be published, it has to be clearly an original piece, tailored specifically for my audience. It has to add massive value for the readers. The article has to be interesting, unique and informational.
  • It is recommended to attach links to external sites, scientific studies, screenshots, pictures, graphs, gifs, embedded Youtube videos or Instagram posts. Whatever makes the article better. Also, be funny as long as you are friendly and respectful. It’s not the nineties anymore.
  • We love when guest bloggers link back and connect to some of our older posts that are related to the topic at hand. We will do the same and link to your post in the future. Unhype maintains a hub structure.
  • If you have photos, they must be of high quality. If you don’t have them, and you’re looking for general stock photos to add to the article check out Unsplash. Don’t worry about the size. We use a script that resizes the pictures to the correct size and compresses them after publishing the post.
  • It’s much easier for your pitch to be accepted if you’re writing about something very specific. Most people are sending us pitches saying they will write an article about “Making money online with a blog,” duh. We’d much rather see a pitch about something detailed like “How to manipulate search intent and use it to boost SEO rankings.” We’re looking for topics that will make the readers go “Woah!”
  • We’d prefer if you had at least one or more of these elements in your final work: case study, experiment, links to scientific research or other factual proof, expert round-up, step-by-step instructions, concrete methods or examples.

The don’ts

  • Please respect copyright. In case we find out any cases of plagiarism, you will be banned for life from working with Unhype. Also, please don’t put any false or misleading information in the articles.
  • Do not submit spun, rewritten, rehashed, translated or duplicate content. We will probably find out.
  • Don’t write fluffy sentences which sole intent is to increase word count. Our editor will delete them anyway from the final draft and you need at least 1000 words of solid content anyway.
  • We’re not fans of posts which are crazy promotional. Don’t fill your writing about praises about your business or a hundred affiliate links. It won’t fly here.
  • Do not send us ten pitches in the week following your first pitch being rejected. Please take some time working on one good pitch and submit that.

Article format

  • Title: Each word in the title is capitalized. We use the H1 tag for the title. This is the only place in the article where we use this tag.
  • Subheadings: Capitalize only the first word in each subheading. H2 to H6 is ok.
  • Bolden any points that you would like to emphasize.
  • Put punctuation inside of the quotes. “This is how you punctuate a quote.”
  • We like the Oxford comma.
  • Use subheadings, images, lists to break up big parts of the text. Use shorter paragraphs to make the article more readable.
  • Write a conclusion that neatly summarizes your posts and recaps all the major points in your article.
  • We usually finish with a call to action that asks the readers to leave a comment or share their experience.
  • A few other things we need from you: a short bio, links to your website and/or social media accounts and a picture or an email address linked to a working Gravatar account.

Submit your pitch

Just fill out the form below to submit your blog post pitch and become a guest blogger. We will be in touch with you shortly after to discuss further details on your contributions to our site.

Guest blogging pitch form

You can also send an email to [email protected]

Public service announcement: if you’re just looking for a dofollow link to your for-profit website or business, don’t fill this form out. It won’t work. This opportunity is for bloggers, writers, and regular folks who put heart into their writing. If you’re looking for a business partnership head to the contact section.