These Are the Health Benefits of Yoga According to Science

Man practicing yoga in various poses (asana) by the sea

Despite the hype about yoga and all the advantages it brings, there is still limited scientific research on whether yoga is actually doing what people claim it to. We have researched over 40 studies to check what science has to say about the actual health benefits of yoga, and whether it can be used as an additional treatment for certain conditions.

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Yoga Blocks

Private Yoga Classes in Rishikesh: Safety Tips for Women

Yoga blocks are the staples of any studio and should become an essential part of your home training too. Read on if you’re wondering what yoga blocks do, how they can help you enhance your practice, and why they are worth spending money on. We have also researched and reviewed the 8 best yoga blocks suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners.

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