The Cost of Living in Paradise: How We Spent $610/Month in Thailand

It’s 31st of December around midnight, and I’m standing on the tropical island beach in the Gulf of Thailand making a wish for the coming 2019 to be at least as awesome as the passing year. After having stayed in Thailand slightly more than a month, I can’t stop sending thanks to the destiny for being able to experience the island life. But living in a paradise comes at a price. Not a high one, as it turned out.

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two men are sitting on the banks of the Holy River Ganges

How to Spend Less Than $500/Month When Traveling South Asia

When I told people I’m planning a 9-month trip to Asia, their typical question was ‘Where will you get the money?’ My idea here is to show that you don’t need crazy amounts of savings to travel the world (or at least, South Asia). Read how we spent less than $500 per person during the month of traveling in India and Nepal as well as how to save money on things.

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Best Anti-Pollution Masks to Take on a Trip

9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air. No matter where you travel, you will probably witness Air Quality Index hitting hazardous levels once in a while. Learn how a facepiece respirator can protect you against pollution and how to choose one.

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