Last month, my buddy over at NayoSmart called me and asked if I want to check out their new backpacks. A few days later the courier arrived with a huge package. Inside I was surprised to find six backpacks. Each different from one another.

NayoSmart is a fresh, cool brand that is addressing the needs of digital nomads who want to travel or commute with their backpacks.

What all these backpacks have in common is they're designed to be both minimalistic and utilitarian.

I've used these six backpacks with my buddy for a month.

All versions have an external USB port for charging. How it works is, you put a power bank inside your backpack and connect it to the port using a short cable that is supplied with a backpack. Then you can charge your phone from the external port. Comes very handy during travel, I've used it at airports a bunch of times already.

Nayo Almighty

Nayo Almighty is a backpack designed for longer journeys. It has lots of compartments to pack your stuff in. It comes with additional toiletry/accessory bags included.

The Almighty has become my main travel backpack right now.

I love its size and how it feels on my back. Even if it's fully-loaded my back doesn't start hurting.

Its lightweight makes it ideal for carrying loads over long distances! Its comfort ensures you won't feel any tiring out. The straps keep your backpack in place. The bag can be used on both mountain and desert hiking or for traveling to different places. Its durability ensures your backpack will last. I personally believe the Almighty is one of the best travel packs out there


  • Multiple compartments
  • Can handle heavy weights
  • Weather-resistant
  • External USB Charging port
  • Ergonomic harness
  • Quality SBS zippers
  • Top pocket for easy access
  • Insulated side pocket for storing a bottle
  • Solid metal handle for carrying the backpack in your hand
  • Hidden, zippered back pocket for valuables
  • Each strap has a tiny pocket
  • The chest strap includes a whistle
  • The left strap includes a sunglasses holder
  • Has a rear-strap for attaching to a suitcase

Nayo Acme

Acme is a stylish backpack that is smaller. It looks totally rad and includes a front element that looks like leather, but it's synthetic.

It's a backpack that I would take to a meeting with a client.


  • It has a very slick design and looks professional
  • Contains an additional zipper, which allows expansion for a 50% bigger size
  • Made of durable, waterproof materials
  • You can wear it like a back or like a briefcase — it has a side carrying strap
  • External USB port
  • A side-pocket to carry a bottle
  • Swift, ergonomic design
  • Back padding that protects your valuables
  • Includes a card pocket in the left strap
  • A hidden zipped pocket in the back
  • Contains a strap for attaching to a suitcase in the back

Nayo Defensor

The Defensor is Acme's big brother. It's less fashionable, but bigger and looks more professional. You can pack a bit more inside. It's not as fancy but more utilitarian.

It has a TSA locking zip, slash-proof fabric, and hidden pockets to prevent stuff being stolen.


  • Opens like a suitcase
  • Materials are durable and waterproof
  • Has a ton of pockets for your gadgets
  • External USB charging port
  • TSA lock for extra security
  • Solid, reversed SBS zippers
  • Side-pocket for a bottle
  • Small pocket on the shoulder strap for cards
  • Metal handle for carrying with your hand
  • A reflective strip, so you're visible in teh dark.
  • Slash-proof materials
  • Can be transformed into a suitcase

Nayo EXP

Also known as the Nayo Expendable Travel Backpack. It's a 25 liter backpack that can be expanded to 40 liters using the included zip. It's a solid backpack for everyday carry, but can also be a great travel-commuter backpack for business trips.


  • Low-key design that doesn't attract attention
  • Has a TON of compartments where you can put everything
  • Opens like a suitcase
  • Durable and water-resistant materials
  • External USB charging port
  • Quality zippers
  • Small enough to fit as a carry-on on flights
  • A whistle in the front harness
  • Hidden back-pocket for documents
  • Pockets in front-straps
  • Backstrap to attach to a suitcase

Nayo Anti-theft Shell

The anti-theft shell is awesome if you're often traveling to shady places. It has a TSA certified lock and a slash-proof material. It's super-well padded too.

It's the smallest backpack of them all, but it's the most ergonomic.


  • Opens like a suitcase
  • Made of strong, waterproof materials
  • TSA approved lock on the top
  • Lots of hidden compartments
  • External USB charging port
  • Solid reversed zippers
  • Hidden bottle pocket
  • Pockets on each shoulder strap
  • A soft handle to carry the backpack using your hand
  • Earphone port
  • Has a rear-strap that allows attaching to a suitcase

Nayo Rover

The Rover is a general backpack made out of a weird synthetic material that is the most waterproof of them all.

This backpack is designed to sustain EXTREME weather conditions. I was walking back home and it started to rain violently. I was soaking wet. At home, I discovered that there wasn't a single drop of water inside the backpack.

The material is weird. It feels like a plasticky-silicony thing, but it really protects your stuff from rain.

Apart from that, it's just a solid all-arounder.


  • Many compartments in and outside
  • Super-waterproof materials
  • High durability
  • External USB charging port
  • Very ergonomic design
  • Quality reversed zippers
  • Includes a top-pocket
  • The front harness includes a whistle and a compass
  • A side-pocket for water
  • A rear-pocket for documents
  • Each shoulder strap sports a small pocket
  • A padded handle for carrying the Rover with your hand
  • A rear strap for suitcase attachment
  • Got a vertical zipper for quick access to an inside pocket

Last words

To be honest, all these backpacks are pretty amazing. It's hard to recommend one because everybody's needs are different. I will definitely be keeping the Nayo Almighty and it will become my main traveling backpack.

If I could buy a few of them, I would get:

NayoSmart is often running discounts and promotions so be sure to keep track of their website. Right now they are selling them at like 30% off which is pretty cool. You can't really find anything that is close to this quality at this price range at Amazon. And trust me, I've tried a lot of backpacks in my lifetime.