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Jacob Kramer
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first posted on November 20, 2018
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Creating petitions on can be an unconventional method for getting some free traffic and leveraging the backlink to bring more SEO juice to your blog.

What Is is a petition website where users can launch campaigns regarding issues they are interested in. Their motto is β€œwhat will you change?”.

The site earns revenue by running sponsored campaigns from organizations such as Amnesty International.

Any person or an organization can create a petition and try to gather signatures for their cause online.

Direct Traffic From

You create a petition and link to your site in the description and on the creator’s profile page. Afterward, you can promote the petition on your blog and social media channels and make your readers/followers interested in it and hopefully sign it. If you’re lucky, your petition will go at least slightly viral, and you will get shares and signatures from outside of your follower circle. This will lead to more people visiting the petition and clicking the link to your site that you placed in the description.

You can actually help the community in your niche if you run a successful petition for a cause that people are concerned with. Example: you run a blog about reading books. You could create a petition about giving more government funding to your local library.

Improve Your Site’s SEO With

The backlink to your site on can become dofollow if your petition gets more popular or if you become a user with more authority. It’s a great thing because it means that it passes SEO juice. That means several things:

  1. The backlink will provide a little boost to your SEO without even doing anything.
  2. You can use the page with your petition as what we call a buffer/parasite page. What it means is that you can point backlinks from sites that are already linking to your site to to double their value.
  3. pages rank FANTASTICALLY in Google. Think outside of the box.
  4. The last point is a little shady and one of the very valuable methods that SEOs were using in the last two years. is a huge, reputable website and Google trusts it. You can point links like from PBNs or other spammy links at your petition to direct the juice to your site. In general, Google is much more lenient towards this behavior than if you would point the links to your little blog. And if anything goes south, you can always remove the backlink to your site from your petition.
  5. Even if your backlink doesn’t become dofollow, we can speculate that it will still pass some deal of SEO juice and it will be a good addition to your backlink portfolio.

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  1. Hi, tested this some weeks ago, but no backlink seen in Search Console and/or using other tool backlink. I suspect something could be changed, meanwhile.

    BTW, you need to have at least 5 email for having index,follow attribute on your petition. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

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